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Making of fake news blues.

     From writing to recording, the Fake News Blues tracks we're a completely different experience for us. We started this project knowing what we wanted to say, and took it from a very small idea to what you hear now. We've never been one to voice our opinions politically, but with everything thats been going on, it's hard not to say something. Friends from other bands around Cleveland came to lend their talents to us as well. We really got a big band kind of feel we had in out minds from the beginning. From the horns building up big moments in the song, to the keys filling out the rhythm, to the harmonica popping in on just the right fills, we owe a lot to the talent randall, alex and robbie brought to the table. We recorded in Bad Racket studio, which felt a lot different to the budget recording we've done in the past. It was an amazing space that gave us confidence to let loose and really give it our all. I think thats very noticeable on these tracks. These songs are the foundation for whats to come. We really found ourselves and our groove recording the Fake News Tunes.  


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