All is Harvest is a ‘Vintage Rock’ group based in the Cleveland area. It’s founding members, Mike Lowery, Drew Paramore, and Chris Tate, have been collaborating in various projects since 2007. In 2012, these boys on the cusp of manhood began work on their first-full length release, Journey Llama, under the new name All is Harvest at Suma Recording Studio. The Harvest Boys released this unique, low-fi folk rock album in 2014 to many rave reviews. In 2015, the band released their follow-up, Wet Jams 2015, a 6 song rock EP that shifted their music in a new direction. After a short hiatus from 2015 - late 2016 the band has returned with a new drummer, Steve Deurlein. Their new 3-song release, Fake News Blues, marks a new beginning for the band with a new fully realized sound ready to take on the world!